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CoreYoga & Physio - Top Floor 5/72 Vulture St (Cr Thomas St)
West End, Brisbane QLD4101

0416 133 355

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Information about the coach

I am a clinical nutritionist and certified Metabolic Balance Practitioner. 

I take time bridge the gap between the evidence in nutrition and practical strategies that really make a difference to your health.  My background includes training in coaching, goal setting and mentoring.  I help you to use food and nutrition strategies to feel better. 

With you, I investigate and help to identify what is the root cause of your health issue and based on the evidence, personalise an approach so you can gain control over your health, which means I treat you like a partner in this process. It’s personalised, so you know and understand what’s at play and how to work on and potentially solve what is happening on a deep level. 

In the future, I want you to be able to have an intimate understanding of what works well for your body and the key skills to put your health back on track should it ever stray again.

Information on practice

  • Tuesday and Thursday appointments are online.
  • Wednesday appointments are face to face in clinic.

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