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5/23 Musgrave Avenue, Chirn Park, Gold Coast, QLD
Chirn Park, Gold Coast, Qld4215

0417 328 200


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Information about the coach

Kazumi Natural Therapies is located in Chirn Park, Gold Coast, approximately 5 minutes from Gold Coast University Hospital

Free convenient parking.

For further inquiry and to make a booking, please visit https://www.kazuminaturaltherapies.com/

Information on practice

Kazumi is a naturopath, Metabolic Balance practitioner and beauty therapist. 

Her main focus and passion is weight management and women's health, especially menopause, fertility, and hormone-related reproductive issues. 

She has been a natural therapist for more than 10 years in helping women to transform their lives to become healthier and happier through natural therapies.

Addressing the underlying causes and aspects of a person’s life, she uses medicinal herbal remedies, nutritional therapies and dietary recommendation to empower an individual’s innate healing ability. Metabolic Balance program is a part of her core holistic treatment plan for sustainable weight management and long term health.

Her unique abilities enable her to offer a combination of beauty therapy, naturopathic treatment and Metabolic Balance program to support both internal and external health, beauty and well-being.   

Kazumi offers both one-on-one and online sessions.

Online booking is available https://www.kazuminaturaltherapies.com/book-online

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