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Health Sanctum, 24 Welham St
Beecroft, NSW2119


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Information about the coach

Lisa is a qualified Nutritionist, Reflexologist and soon to be Naturopath (degree final year). Lisa’s aim is not just to treat you, but to empower you in your own journey to a healthy life. Lisa wants to add to your tools for a healthy life, primarily through nutrition and lifestyle modifications so you can deal with the simpler issues at home and stay healthy. However, as a working/studying mother of two teenage children, Lisa understands the stress and struggles that comes with family life, and how your own health and needs are often neglected, which can unfortunately lead to a health crisis. For this reason Lisa places an emphasis on helping to balance and support your needs whether this be through nutrition and supplement advice, or even reflexology to help reduce stress, anxiety or pain. 

Additionally, as a Metabolic Balance Coach and Metascan practitioner, Lisa is very passionate about helping you manage hormonal imbalances or weight issues and help you to make changes that will support you in the long-term and avoid the consequences of yo-yo dieting. 


Lisa is a current member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and a member of the Reflexology Association of Australia.

Information on practice

Lisa works out of 2 locations, Beecroft and Chatswood.

Health Sanctum is located at 24 Welham St, Beecroft, NSW 2119.

There is ample parking onsite, or the clinic is just a 10 minute walk from Beecroft train station. Lisa is also available for after hours appointments upon request. Lisa also does online appointments via video link if you are located outside Sydney or can't make it into the clinic.

Visit for more information about the clinic or to make a booking. 

The Chatswood location is the Mr Vitamins Wellbeing Clinic at 394 Victoria Ave, Chatswood, NSW 2067.

Bookings for the Chatswood location can be made through the Mr Vitamins website on or call Lisa dirtectly.

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