We do the hard work for you

Creating personalised nutrition plans for clients is time-consuming and most of all extremely challenging.

We help busy practitioners provide highly personalised and effective nutrition plans for their clients at the click of a mouse. 

Our Certification Program is now more accessible with 100% online learning

  • Our 16-lessons Scientific Basis and Medical Fundamentals are offered via the Metabolic Balance e-Training Institute (mbeti.org). Here we cover the how and why Metabolic Balance works.
  • In five Online-Live-Webinars we focus on the practical application. Learning the coaching processes, best practices, how to access tools required for developing clients’ personalized nutrition plans and apply the Metabolic Balance method.


2020 Training Award



Metabolic Balance Australia and New Zealand won the X Factor Training Award sponsored by NATEX and FX Medicine in February 2020.

Why you need Metabolic Balance in your clinic...

Advantages for you

  • Expand your clinic tools for excellent client results
  • Enhances the uniqueness of your clinic
  • Fast return on investment
  • Simple integration in an existing practice or as a foundation for a business start-up
  • Scientifically validated by a study of the Hochrhein-Institut 2010
  • Tried and tested by practitioners around the world for over 15 years
  • Regular training opportunities
  • Professional support by the Metabolic Balance Team in Australia plus the Scientific Advisory Board
  • Ensures word of mouth referrals from satisfied clients
  • Easy access to group rates for pathology testing for all clients
  • Personal health benefits from following your own Metabolic Balance plan
  • As a scientifically validated and food only program, provides an excellent opportunity for collaboration with local medical centres and medical practitioners

Advantages for your clients

  • Completely focused on the individual health of your clients to increase their quality of life
  • Based on a detailed analysis of your client's current health
  • Use of exclusively natural foods and avoidance of additional products and food supplements in the nutrition plan
  • Clients gain genuine knowledge for which foods are right for them and how to eat real foods for ongoing health and wellbeing
  • Provides excellent results for long term health
  • Access to the Metabolic Balance app to support them in their health journey

Become a Metabolic Balance Practitioner

The Metabolic Balance program is a personalised nutrition system that devises a food list from an individual’s blood results, health goals, medical history, current medication, body measurements and food preferences.

In 2014-2015, a staggering 63.4% of Australian adults were overweight or obese -- well over half of our nation's population. That's almost two in three adults. Compare this to 1995, when it was 56.3%. It’s clear to see the problem is getting worse.

Metabolic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, cancer, dementia, hypertension, dyslipidaemia and so on are all increasing in our society with an heightened recognition of the role nutrition and lifestyle choices play in their aetiology.

Devising personalised meal plans and food lists is a genuinely complex and time-consuming task for practitioners. By introducing Metabolic Balance to your practice you have access to a scientifically validated method trusted by doctors and practitioners around the world to help resolve and improve metabolic conditions. You are able to easily and quickly provide your clients with an individualised and effective food only program so they get excellent results and you are able to sustain a successful natural health practice.

Metabolic Balance was devised by Dr. Wolf Funfack and Sylvia Bürkle following over 20 years of research in Germany. The Metabolic Balance software program is based on the German national food database which is then tailored to each individual country.

The principles of Metabolic Balance were developed based on the findings of medical research studies, personal research, and Dr Funfack’s clinical experience. This complex program gets continually refined and adjusted to reflect current developments in nutritional science.

Today Metabolic Balance is widespread. It is well-known throughout Germany and is now available from professional practitioners in over 30 countries around the world. The basic concept of individuality has not changed since its original creation. That individuality covers the nutrition plans, the personal supervision, and the joy the participants experience when the success of Metabolic Balance begins to work for them.

There are numerous books (in English and German) outlining the program and a 2010 research paper.

  • Metabolic Balance – Nutrition basics: Introduction to the success program by Dr.med Wolf Funfack available on Amazon
  • Metabolic Balance: Your Personalized Nutrition Roadmap by Dr.med Wolf Funfack available on Amazon
  • Meffert C, Gerdes N (2010) Program adherence and effectiveness of a commercial nutrition program: the metabolic balance study. J Nutr Metab. 2010;2010:197656. doi: 10.1155/2010/197656. Epub 2010 Dec 21. Available on Pubmed.

Metabolic Balance is a strictly practitioner only program in Australia and New Zealand.

All practitioners must have a minimum of an advanced diploma or preferably a degree in Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine or Medicine. Other medical and natural therapy qualifications may be considered as appropriate and would be assessed on an individual basis.

All practitioners must have appropriate association membership and indemnity insurance.

As a Metabolic Balance practitioner, you have access to the online portal to generate the personalised menu plan and food list for your clients.

There is no software needed to be installed, managed or backed-up on your laptop. You simply need access to the internet.

Metabolic Balance is exclusively available as a 2-3 month package from a certified practitioner. The package includes the personalised food plan and 5 coaching consultations as a minimum. Depending on the health goal of the client or how much weight needs to be released, this support period can be extended as needed.

Metabolic Balance has a worldwide reputation that means clients regularly seek out and contact their nearest practitioner to access the program.

Each Metabolic Balance practitioner has an account with the pathology lab and collection service in their area affiliated with Metabolic Balance. This also provides access to the agreed rates for other nutritionally important pathology tests which are valuable for clients.

Metabolic Balance requires 36 blood parameters for generating the plan. The test panels required are

  • Full Blood Count
  • E/LFT
  • C-reactive protein
  • Amylase/Lipase
  • Creatinine Kinase
  • Iron studies
  • Thyroid Function Tests

It is a completely whole food program with no processed foods or supplements included. Clients receive a detailed list of their ideal protein sources, vegetables, and fruit. If a food is listed on their plan they can eat it, if it is not listed they can’t.

It is very easy for a client to follow given the right motivation and support. Clients must be willing to eat whole food only (fresh vegetables, fruit, good sources of whole protein, healthy fats and starches) with no gimmicks or meal replacement products.

It requires commitment but once on the program, clients report that it's easy to follow and means they don't have to think at all about what is or isn’t healthy for them. The quick results also ensure ongoing commitment.

There are no products/supplements associated with Metabolic Balance at all. It’s simply a highly personalised food list and menu plan.

Results for clients are dependent on adherence to the program and effective coaching and guidance from their personal Metabolic Balance practitioner. Naturally there are no guarantees however individuals typically experience improvements in their health within the first week of commencing the program.

It is an extremely effective way to restore metabolic health and lose weight. The program simply allows the body to get into balance and release weight naturally for long term holistic mind and body health.

Metabolic Balance is a holistic well being program that naturally restores overall balance to the body. It has be shown to be highly beneficial for inflammatory conditions including metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular health, hormone balance, skin health and mental health problems. Weight loss naturally results from improved overall balance and health.

There is no expensive equipment or set up costs beyond a good set of scales, a stadiometer (height measure), a tape measure, access to the internet and a printer to print off your client’s plans.

Metabolic Balance may be offered to clients in personalised one-on-one sessions, online or in a group setting by a certified practitioner.

As a Metabolic Balance practitioner in Australia and New Zealand, you have 12 month’s ongoing mentoring to ensure you are completely confident in offering Metabolic Balance in your practice.

This mentoring includes

  1. Access to the Metabolic Balance AU&NZ practitioner support online forum
  2. Access to 12 monthly live webinars for ongoing learning via case studies; marketing support; coaching (NLP training) support; problem brainstorming; guest speakers; latest research and theory updates to support practitioners on implementing the program in their practice.
  3. Weekly appointment times available to book for one-on-one support

Further support is provided by access to ready-to-use marketing material including pull-up banners, posters, client leaflets and powerpoint presentations to educate and attract new clients.

What our practitioners say

Metabolic Balance's reputation amongst our practitioners speaks volumes. So don't just take our word for it!

Here's what practitioners, like you, say about Metabolic Balance...

I did my training in Metabolic Balance with Cherry towards the end of 2017 and it quickly became an integral part of my practice. As it is a completely individualised program, the results are really amazing. Prior to MB, I was struggling with some more clients with complex health and metabolic conditions - trying everything to assist them to get a result. With MB, I simply trust the program and love the results my clients get with it.

~ Katie King QLD

I am not a massive fan of fad diets and quick weight loss fixes so when I learnt more about Metabolic Balance and the science behind it, I knew it would be something I would value in my clinic as it was none of these.  My clients are enjoying the results and love that their diet is based entirely on their body chemistry. Since introducing Metabolic Balance in my clinic I am definitely loving what I'm seeing and have noticed the weight loss has only been one of the benefits I have witnessed. My client's hormones are more balanced, they are happier, more motivated, and blood pressure has normalised.  I am glad I made the decision to incorporate it into my clinic.

~ Juanita Mrak QLD

Metabolic Balance has taken the guess work and the hard work out of individualised wellness and weight management planning. My clients have been very happy with the program and their food lists and they love the support that they are getting. The best part is that they are losing weight without starving and all comment on having more energy and feeling well. I am really enjoying the process with clients also.

~ Kim Carolan QLD

The Metabolic Balance training was really eye opening, and the support offered to coaches is really great. I'm excited to be offering this to my clients, and enjoying the benefits of my own Metabolic Balance plan only days into it.

~ Nicole Tricarico, VIC

I love how [Metabolic Balance] provides the client with all information for them to plan and undertake the program. It is simple to follow and for the client to meal plan. The client loses weight quickly and this is motivating to them.

~ Melisa Byrne, SA

I’m so grateful I started this journey... I was a brand new praccie when I came to training - initially things were a bit slow and to be honest, I was worried about the amount I had invested! I think things changed when I did the program, it gave me confidence to talk about it - suddenly in the last month I’ve got 10 clients with plans and 5 in process! I thought it would be largely weight loss, but hormonal imbalances/menopausal woman exceed that! Thank you for answering all our questions & concerns - this has certainly been not only a great business decision, but MB has been great for me personally too. 

~ Jane Jarvis, WA

I'm so pleased that I took the plunge and did MB. For both myself and my clients. I have paid off my course and more already and in the last 2 months have more than doubled my income. My clients are thriving and of course I've lost 11kgs!

~Zita Dixon, QLD

After our training and becoming fully certified as a Metabolic Balance Practitioner we are kept up with the latest news and relevant training for MB via the monthly live & recorded webinars with Cherry (Head of MB Australia and New Zealand). Along with the online support group on Facebook, where we can ask questions anytime and support each other, the live webinars are excellent for our ongoing success and support.

~ Jeannette Scapens, SA

After completing the online course component for practitioner training at my own pace, I then finished up with the face to face training with the lovely Cherry, CEO of Metabolic Balance Australia, Other Metabolic Balance practitioners also provide advice on the program [in the Facebook group], to help me keep my customers happy. I continue to be astounded by my happy clients as they navigate their new foods and habits towards their “new body” !

~ Susan Jones, NSW

As a Clinical Nutritionist I have been searching for a program that I truly believed in and would achieve the best results for my clients. Not only is the program simple to follow it is full of amazing fresh and healthy whole foods. There is the benefit of weight loss if that is your goal however, the increase in energy and wellbeing is incredible. I have been following the program myself and feel excited to be offering such a wonderful product to all my clients. Cherry has provided me with all the support that I have needed to implement a successful program to all my clients. Thank you Cherry and thank you Metabolic Balance!

~ Karen Pyke, QLD

A few key questions answered about training...

There are three components for training as a certified Metabolic Balance practitioner in Australia and New Zealand:

Part 1.

Complete the 16 module online training course to understand the theory behind Metabolic Balance. This typically takes 12-16 hours. There are two exams at the end of module 8 and module 16.

Part 2.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions currently in place our one day, in-person, implementation training has been changed to being a series of five live webinar sessions over one weekend. During these webinars you will gain a comprehensive training on the practicalities of offering the program to your clients. We cover the best way to implement the program into your practice and support your clients whilst they follow their Metabolic Balance personalised nutrition plan. A detailed training manual and support materials are provided so you have an excellent resource to refer back to at any time.

Part 3.

All Metabolic Balance practitioners are encouraged to participate in the program to be able to personally experience the benefits of the program and hence be able to support clients fully through the program.

Post-training support.

Following completion of your training, all Metabolic Balance practitioners in Australia and New Zealand have access to the Metabolic Balance AU&NZ practitioner support online forum and are invited to join the monthly support webinars for ongoing learning via case studies; marketing support; coaching support (NLP training); problem brainstorming; guest speakers; latest research and theory updates to support practitioners on implementing the program in their practice for the first year.

The ongoing support available to practitioners in Australia and New Zealand ensures excellent success for both you and your clients.

The online component may be started at a convenient time for you and must have been completed prior to joining an implementation webinar weekend.

The Implementation Webinars are hosted over a weekend (usually Sat-Sun) and are planned for the following dates. They are hosted by the head practitioner for Australia and New Zealand: Cherry Wills

Our scheduled dates* for 2021 are:

30th/31st January 2021 - Full
6th/7th March 2021 - Full
1st/2nd May 2021 - Full
12th/13th June 2021 - Full
14th/15th August 2021 - Full
9th/10th October 2021 - Full
27th/28th November 2021 - Full


The provisional scheduled dates for 2022 are:

February 5th/6th  - Spaces available
March 26th/27th  - Spaces available
May 6th/7th (Fri-Sat)  - Spaces available
June 25th/26th  - Spaces available
August 13th/14th  - Spaces available
October 8th/9th - Spaces available
November 19th/20th  - Spaces available


Please ensure you book your preferred implementation weekend as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. 

We may occasionally add in extra dates for the implementation training and so do always register your interest so we can assess if and when extra dates are needed.

*Metabolic Balance Australia and New Zealand reserve the right to change implementation webinar training dates.with reasonable notice.

Latest update: 18th October 2021.

Your training package includes the following:

  • Online theory training with accompanying manual
  • Five x 90 mins implementation live webinar weekend workshops.
  • Practitioner training support manual
  • Marketing materials starter pack
  • Sample merchandise pack (water bottle, shopping bag, pen and magnet set)
  • Your Metabolic Balance plan to personally experience the Metabolic Balance program*
  • Access to the Metabolic Balance AU&NZ practitioner support online forum
  • Access to 12 monthly live webinars for ongoing learning and support
  • First year of the annual practitioner admin fee  (AU$24 per year)
  • Access to the Metabolic Balance online practitioner portal for generating client plans. 
  • Practitioner listing on the Metabolic Balance website

So what's my training investment and details on the return on my investment?

Metabolic Balance is a practitioner only program and full details of the investment and practical implementation of Metabolic Balance is available for qualified practitioners only after confirmation of your qualifications,

Metabolic Balance is possibly the most valuable clinic tool you will bring into your practice. This is not only in terms of the value you provide to your clients with results for their health but also in terms of a secure and thriving business model for you, the practitioner.

Practitioners like you, only want something that works and helps their clients. So remember, Metabolic Balance has grown organically through word of mouth from practitioner to practitioner, client to client for over 20 years. It is a program that is loved by practitioners in over 35 countries and has been translated into 22 languages. These facts alone demonstrate the value of the Metabolic Balance analysis and the value of taking the time to find out more.

Once you have registered your details and your qualifications have been confirmed, you will receive a series of five emails detailing all further information and costs you need to know. Each email contains a link to book a chat to ask any questions you may have. 

Please note we are a small support team in Australia and New Zealand and will only contact you when you ask us to contact you. You are able to unsubscribe at any time from further communication from us.

So if Metabolic Balance has piqued your interest, we'd love to hear from you. Head practitioner at Metabolic Balance ANZ, Cherry Wills says "look at the facts and then follow your gut feeling on it". This is what she did back in 2012 when she first trained and started using Metabolic Balance in her private nutritional practice. 

"I knew I needed a quality program to help clients with sustainable, healthy weight loss and their metabolic health. Too many kept asking me to help them lose weight or I knew, if we got some weight loss happening, things could really improve for them. I didn't want some fad thing or to tell clients anything that wasn't going to work for them, I wanted to give my clients the results they needed to have. It had to be ethical, sustainable and above all work... it needed to work!

As soon as I heard about Metabolic Balance I knew I had to find out more and I've never looked back. I never tire of seeing and hearing about the results the right food with personalised nutrition gives to people, I took over the training and supporting coaches in Australia and New Zealand in 2017 and now being able to teach fellow practitioners be able to teach their clients, their foods for health is simply the best thing ever.

Using food as medicine is simply the best for everyone."

Becoming a Metabolic Balance certified practitioner is an investment in your knowledge, your business, your own health and your future. If this is what you're looking for, then we'd love to hear from you.

We'd love to hear from you

So we hope that you're now convinced that it's definitely worth your time to get in touch with us. We'd love to hear from you about what your practice is and how we can help you incorporate personalised nutrition easily and simply.

Simply click the shiny blue button below to confirm your qualifications - we're very much looking forward to welcoming you to the Metabolic Balance community of global passionate practitioners offering a truly personalised and scientifically-validated nutrition solution.