Reset your metabolism

Are you ready to support your metabolism with healthy eating and to experience a new quality of life?

Various nutritional factors (too many simple carbohydrates, processed food, etc.) can push our metabolism out of its natural balance. However, that doesn’t have to happen, because with the Metabolic Balance nutrition program you will get your metabolism back to its original healthy starting position.

Even nutrition-related illnesses can be improved by the program – and your quality of life to. If you don’t feel healthy or have no energy, your entire well being will be affected, including your personal and social life.

What metabolism needs – enzymes and hormones

Metabolism is regulated by enzymes and hormones. They control the vital functions. Enzymes act like catalysts, they set bodily functions in motion and are decisively involved in chemical conversion processes. The hormones produced by your body’s glands – such as insulin from the pancreas – interact directly with many control systems and are responsible for the entire “energy management” of your body.

To maintain their structures and functions, enzymes and hormones need building materials and they obtain these from the food you eat each day. If the necessary nutrients are not available or only in insufficient quantities, your metabolism can easily become imbalanced – and this leads to more than just being overweight: there are many metabolic illnesses that may develop when your metabolism is derailed – such as Type II Diabetes .

This is why the right nutrition is a basic prerequisite for a regulated enzyme and hormone balance – and this is precisely where the personalised Metabolic Balance nutrition plan comes into its own. Personal eating recommendations are made based on your blood values and individual data, because each and every one of us is an individual with our own habits. This is how you give your body and all your body systems and organs the food it really needs. In so doing, you may help restore your metabolic balance in a completely natural way.

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