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Hi, I'm Jeannette, qualified Naturopath & Coach. I specialize in successfully supporting and empowering women to restore their health, reclaim their energy, reach & maintain their healthy weight and to feel great again with this effective & uniquely personalised, professionally coached nutrition program - Metabolic Balance! 

Healthy whole foods are the basis to good health & wellness. 

This effective scientifically backed, personalised nutrition program can help you achieve wellness & reach & maintain your healthy weight by giving you a clear plan of which healthy foods to eat, (which are personally right for you), along with how much to eat and when to eat. Its that simple!

Complementary to the one on one coaching I also offer a private online support group to educate and support & keep motivated with postive mindset in between coaching consults. In addition I also include complementary Naturopathic support with nutritional/herbal medicines when required. 

I have additional certification & experience in Thyroid optimization & Hormonal imbalances, particularly Peri/Menopause. These are often found to be an underlying issue with weight gain for women. 

I am also certified to support overcoming mindest challenges in Eating Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, & Hypnosis for achieving lasting positive changes with weight loss, quitting bad habits & achieving your health goals. I currently offer a BONUS personalised Hypnosis session to help achieve your health goals.

I have also achieved fabulous personal health and wellness results doing my own Metabolic Balance plan. It has literally changed my life! I just love the results my clients now also get! See mine & my happy client photos & testimonials! 

Let me personally support you to feel & look your best so that you can live your best vibrant, energetic & healthy life! 

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Located at 501A Brighton Road, BRIGHTON, S.A. 5048. Consultations in clinic day time only Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturdays. ONLINE consultations daytime Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays (Monday & Wednesday evenings online only). BOOK YOUR FREE discovery phone consult via this link: