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Inspire Wellness, 27 Cunningham Street

0416 110 559

0416 110 559

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Information about the coach

I have been blessed to be able to work in an industry that I love, Health & Wellness, for over a decade. At first, I focused on the body as a registered Personal Trainer and owner of (at the time) Australia’s largest female only outdoor group fitness company (Booty Camp). 

I then became increasingly passionate about food and its medicinal power. So, I studied and earnt a degree (BHSc) in Nutrition and Dietetic medicine and I am now proud to be a practicing Clinical Nutritionist and Metabolic Balance certified practitioner.
It is true that you are what you eat!

​Diets, especially fad diets, lack so many essential nutrients required to maintain health. Yet, nutrients are essential for our bodies to function at optimal capacity. Have you ever considered how nutrients are digested, absorbed and utilised within our body? I do this every day, along with how our dietary and lifestyle choices may affect our wellbeing.

​Metabolic Balance has allowed me to support my clients to achieve their health goals.  

Through Metabolic Balance ​I support clients in areas such as weight loss, optimal sports nutrition, digestive complaints, allergies, fatigue, headaches to name a few. 

Information on practice

My primary location is:

Suite 6, 27 Cunningham Street, Newstead, QLD.

The locations is ideally suited as it is close to the CBD, and great Public Transport.  Car parking is also available.

In addition to my clinic location I also offer my clients online support.

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