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Kind Nutrition Co., 4/219 Onslow Road
Shenton Park, WA6008

0402 795 771

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Information about the coach

Katie is a Perth-based Clinical Nutritionist and Metabolic Balance Practitioner. She holds a BHSc in Nutritional Medicine & Dietetics and a BA in Philosophy. 

Katie is passionate about improving the metabolic health of individuals through diet and lifestyle and reducing the incidence of chronic disease. She draws on a holistic approach to health and wellness that focuses on addressing the four pillars of good health: nutrition, movement, sleep and stress management. 

Katie encourages a balanced relationship with food where what we eat is both nourishing and enjoyable. For many people it’s incredibly helpful to have a health professional for guidance, motivation and support. Katie helps her clients regain control of their own health and wellbeing through personalised and sustainable diet and lifestyle choices, informed by current evidence-based research and clinical outcomes.

Nutrition is the foundation of good health and plays a critical role in lifespan. The best thing you can do for longevity and to prevent chronic disease is to eat well.

Information on practice

Kind Nutrition Co is located at Unit 4, 219 Onslow Road Shenton Park, a 10 minute walk from Shenton Park train station. Free street parking is available. 

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