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Watching people with an unhappy association to food, opened my eyes to ways I could share the joys of eating well and maintaining a body free from chronic conditions and illness. Providing advice based on scientific evidence, with the help of the Metabolic Balance program, I can create a personalised, unique, nutrition-program to bring out your best YOU!

Even though weight-loss is a major by-product of the Metabolic Balance program, it is never the sole focus of what I can offer you. Using the Metabolic Balance program, I can help to identify your nutrition-related conditions, and support your new personalised healthy eating habits. 

For those of you needing a little bit of motivation, guidance, and are ready to experience a new health perspective, then I can offer the help you are looking for.

Call now for your FREE no obligation, discovery consult to see if this is the path for you.


Information on practice

WNutrition is located in a private consult room at the Genesis Health & Fitness Club, Home Zone Centre, Windsor.

There is ample parking, no stairs, coffee shops and plenty to explore in the centre. 

Come into Genesis, please take a seat in the waiting area, and I will come to collect you. I look forward to meeting you in person, and starting you off on your journey to improved health and the life you want to live. Sharon

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