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The Natural Peach, Soames Street
Everton Park, QLD4053


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I am a Naturopath who has completed a Bachelor in Health Science and have also worked as a chef for the last 15 years.  I have a passion for food and herbs and how they impact the body, for better and worse. 

What we eat affects us now and into the future, every single food choice leaves an impact.  When we eat something we need to take into account, what it is, how it is digested, absorbed and then used by the body as well as how it is excreted.  These all play a role in our health.  If your body can't break the food your eating down, no matter how healthy it is, you will still not reap the benefits. 

Metabolic Balance is an amazing program that gives YOU a PERSONALISED food plan to support your specific needs.  No two people are the same and so neither should any two health plans.  With the use of Metabolic Balance and my knowledge as a naturopath and chef, your plan is tailored specifically for you and your needs.  Whether that is to lose weight, support hormonal balance, feel energised or to take control over your nutrition. 

As a chef I also have a strong passion to support my clients to feel confident in their kitchens.  I love to explain how different utensils work, or different cooking techniques.  It is amazing what can be created with a little bit of confidence. 

I guide my patients to take back their power, enjoy vibrant health and embrace the creativity of cooking.  

Information on practice

Clinic Location and Availability 

I am currently based in a home clinic in Everton Park.  Directions will be given to you once you have booked your consultation. 

My availability options shown are the same each week, however I know that we are all busy and these times may not be suitable.  If you are interested in working with me and these times don't suit, please get in contact with me at as I have other times each week that may be better suited for you.  

I also offer online consultations or a mixture of online and in person consultations for the program. 

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