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Jane Jarvis, owner of Peak Natural Health is a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist residing in Perth. 

Jane began incorporating metabolic balance into her clinic as soon as it was available in Australia, and was the first MB practitioner in Western Australia. Jane has taken hundreds of clients through the program and now trains other practitioners in using this world renowned, individualised plan in their own clinics. She says,

"I love to see the changes and differences in people's health, by simply providing them with a personalised meal plan. Many think this is initially all about food and weight loss - and it is, but it is also so much more than that too! I see people's energy increase, their sleep improve, they feel fitter, healthier and manage their stress so much better than before undertaking MB. It's exciting and so rewarding to see people take charge of their health, to understand the relationship between food and mood, food and their overall health. It is then, and through coaching, that people choose for this to be a long term, sustainable health choice, rather than a short term diet" 

Jane is passionate about helping those with weight loss, and menopause symptoms, choosing to rely heavily on food rather than many additional supplements. Jane is also trained in Naturopathic Emotional Release to provide a truly holistic service.

Information on practice

The clinic is based in the beautiful Roleystone Hills, just 20mins from Perth airport, and 40mins from Perth CBD.

The clinic supports clients in person and via telehealth, so can support you from where ever you are in Australia.

To discover more, or to ask further questions, why not book in a free 15minute phone consultation.

To book an appointment https://peaknaturalhealth.com.au/book-now/

Saturday appointments are also available - please contact the clinic directly.










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