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I'm a degree qualified Nutritionist and Naturopath and my preferred pronouns are she and her. I am passionate about helping people feel good. 

The reason why I entered into the world of being a practitioner of natural medicine is not an uncommon story - it's because of my own health journey. I know what it feels like to feel overwhelmed, stressed, foggy, fatigued and frustrated after having trialled multiple interventions to help with an inflammatory disease. 

As much as I love my herbs (and I certainly use them every day) I firmly believe that food is the power-house of any successful health intervention. What I love about Metabolic Balance is that is highly individualised, well balanced and provides the opportunity to build better body literacy in a very approachable and well structured way.

I have found that giving from an empty cup is not sustainable: the healthier I am, the more I have to give to friends and family. I have found a love of walking people through the same journey so they can remember who they are without the fatigue.


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We offer online consultations via our safe online platform, Zoom.


27 Goldieslie Road, Indooroopilly, Queensland 

Both in-person and online consultations are available with free two hour on-street parking (limited wheelchair access presently)

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