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Yarra Hills Chiropractic, 413 Main Street
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0419 516 127

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468 Brunswick Street
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Information about the coach

For over 20 years I have successfully supported my clients to achieve their most challenging health and wellbeing goals.

Originally working in the health industry as a fitness instructor, I then studied and earned my qualification as a Naturopath, followed by certification as a Health and Wellness Coach and finally as a Metabolic Balance certified practitioner. 

With over 1000 hours of coaching experience, and having assisted hundreds of clients to improve their health and wellbeing, I know how important it is for you to focus on strategies that allow for sustainable health change and that in order to achieve this, you need both great nutrition as well as a strong focus on mindset and behavioural adjustments, that allow you freedom from your unhealthy habits. 

This is why coaching is so effective and it can have a profound impact on the health outcomes you seek when combined with the highly individualised nutrition provided by the Metabolic Balance program.

As your coach and naturopath, I focus on guiding you to achieve food freedom through a combination of sustainable mindset and habit changes alongside the personalised nutrition guidelines contained in your Metabolic Balance plan.  

Whether it's allergies, weight loss, digestive issues or other health ailments you're dealing with, I'll support you with a strong coaching focus that will happen hand in hand with your Metabolic Balance program.

Information on practice

I offer remote & online consultations so you can work with me regardless of where you're located.  

I also offer face to face consultations at Yarra Hills Chiropractic Clinic, Lilydale on Saturdays and Mondays.  There is plenty of on-street parking nearby. 

Visit for more details.

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