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After 10 years in the airline industry, Melissa took a leap of faith and chose to follow her passion with food as medicine in studying Nutritional Medicine. 

Her love for food started very young and by the time she reached adolescence, she was very overweight which progressed to her teenage years. She endured immense teasing and being ridiculed by other children which she now looks at as a blessing as this has led her to find her passion in weight loss/management and self- love. 

Studying an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine at AIAS (Australian Institute of Applied Science) then upgrading to a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) at Laureate University in Brisbane, was the best decision she has made thus far as it has changed her life in more ways imaginable.

Whilst studying on campus, she worked for 2 years with Weight Watchers as a Wellness Coach running weekly workshops which she loved as she enjoyed helping people change their health and in turn, change their thoughts about themselves. 

She personally understands what it is like to have excess weight and how it affects our whole outlook on ourselves and our lives. As an adolescent, Melissa faced being ridiculed by kids about her weight for years and therefore has empathy yet drive to help others that wish to change their health and weight. She will motivate, empower and lead you to better physical health and mental health outcome for yourself.

Another element to Melissa's food as medicine motto is educating and myth busting the purposefully misleading marketing scheme of food labels. 

Her passions outside her delicious career are hiking, creating and baking healthy treats, a good almond milk flat white (extra hot), RPM bike classes, taking her maltese/shitzu pup to the local offleash beach, learning meditation, listening to podcasts of self-development and Nutrition, dancing, karaoke.

Melissa completed the training to become a Metabolic Balance Coach two and a half years ago which she lives and breaths this lifestyle herself. Around 95% of her clients enrol in the health and weightloss program achieving incredible results both weight and health wise. Melissa is passionate about being there for her clients as she acknowledges that accountability is one of the key drivers for her clients reaching incredible results in their weightloss.

Armed with an abundance of food as medicine knowledge and passion, Melissa hopes to change the misleading food marketing standards in which she believes today is one of the biggest reasons our nation is overweight. 

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