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Nicole always had special interest in nutrition. Her journey to become a Metabolic Balance Practitioner started with an unwell daughter and her own constant weight management battles. Having been on every fad diet under the planet and exercising like mad over the years with mixed results she thought that there has to be more to weigh management than this. The catalyst however, was her daughters health, that made her realise that there wasn't enough information out there and decided to study Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine to help others achieve what her family achieved. 

However, over the years seeing many clients she noticed that weight loss was elusive for many of her clients following the guidelines she had studied. She also had mixed long-term results with disease management if her clients only took supplements and herbs and not changed their lifestyle and diet. 

Discovering Metabolic Balance for herself with great results, made her appreciate the power of the program for her clients and signed up to became a practitioner. 

Now Nicole takes great pleasure in coaching her clients helping them shed the kilos, combat disease, finding themselves and gain vitality again. 

If you have tried everything and not getting the result you desire and deserve, then Metabolic Balance is the right the program for you and Nicole would be excited to be your coach and support you along the journey. 


"I believe the food you eat can be either the most powerful and safest from of medicine, or the slowest form of poison" - Anne Wigmore

Information on practice

Nicole is a Metabolic Balance Coach, Naturopath and Nutritionist working online globally. 

She runs her clinic with the confidence that a diet and lifestyle change is the first port of call to manage and combat disease and weight. Her mission is to change the world one bite at a time.

Check out her business website Assertive Health here.

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