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Information about the coach

As a Clinical Nutritionist and Naturopath with over 20 years experience in healthcare Susie is passionate about supporting people to be well and happy in their bodies and minds.

Nutrition is the foundation of this.

She started off her career as a Registered Nurse and then moved into a corporate role in the pharmaceutical industry and enjoys having the balance of knowledge of both conventional and natural medicine.

As a Yoga and Meditation teacher Susie brings a truly holistic approach to her clients' health and incorporates movement, mindset, gut health, hormone balancing and anti-ageing strategies into your Metabolic Balance Package.  She named this The Glow Protocol® and used evidence-based methods to develop this program that's ideal for perimenopausal women seeking weight loss and symptom relief. This protocol reduces inflammation and inflammaging as well as balancing hormones and supporting weight loss.

Here’s the story behind The Glow Protocol®…

"A couple of years ago, I had a busy practice full of women over 40yo wanting help losing weight, managing stress and increasing energy.

I had invested in some additional training to become accredited in Metabolic Balance and added in mindset skills, movement and gut health support and was seeing my clients achieve incredible weight loss results.

BUT they were also raving about -

  • How well they were sleeping
  • How their skin was glowing
  • How their thoughts were clearer and they were making better decisions at work
  • How their energy was going through the roof!

I did some more research and realised that these women were receiving these anti-ageing benefits because of the combination effect of my total program AND that there was plenty of science to explain this.

So I became a member of the AustralAsian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine, added in some additional components in line with the science and The Glow Protocol® was born!"

Susie holds Bachelor degrees in Nursing and Naturopathy, Advanced Dip in Nutritional Medicine and a Master of Health Science. 

Information on practice

Susie sees clients from around Australia and New Zealand virtually using Zoom or in clinic at The Wellness Emporium in James St, Burleigh Heads.

Feel free to check out her website here.

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