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Riverside Holistic Health Clinic, Winbourne Road
Mulgoa NSW2750


0430 794 168

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Tammy’s qualifications:

Bachelor of Health Science (NutDMed)

Adv Dip in Clinical Hypnotherapy (completing July).

Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)


Information on practice

Tammy sees clients from around Australia online using Zoom or 

In-clinic at Riverside Holistic Health Clinic in Mulgoa 
(near Penrith).

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Information on practice

As a clinical nutritionist and hypnotherapist Tammy is passionate about holistic health and taking a mind and body approach. 

The food we put in our bodies is absolutely the core to our health.

If we put dirty fuel in our car, we know it will not run well and feel sluggish and eventually, over time, begin to break down.  Our bodies are no different in this way, however, where they 'are' different is that with the right fuel and healing foods they can heal and regenerate.  

Tammy has been using Metabolic Balance for a number of years and seen amazing results.  Many of her clients have come for weight loss and yet all seem to report other improvements they weren’t expecting such as:

  • Improved gut symptoms
  • Decreased joint pain
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased energy
  • Improved brain fog

Tammy is a busy mum in her 40’s with 3 teenage/adult children and understands the challenge of juggling work and family.  

As women we are so used to putting everyone else first, and our own needs last ....

Take this as a beautiful opportunity to set aside 3-4 months to focus on you.   Bring back balance to your mind, your body and your life by incorporating Hypnosis and/or mindset work, into your Metabolic Balance journey.”


Tammy felt she needed more tools to support busy women with mindset blocks and self-limiting beliefs.

She went back and commenced training in Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP as it is a tool she had personally used over the years and referred many clients on for with success.  


The basic philosophy of Hypnotherapy is ‘What the mind agrees with… the body will respond to…”

Tammy is excited about the possibilities of combining two such powerful healing tools to work with the mind and body in a truly holistic program. 

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