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After many years in the corporate world and two kids later, I truly understood what fatigue and burnout meant and the negative impact of constant stress on a person's life. This hectic lifestyle eventually catches up with us. Then, we have to stop and reassess. I had to stop. I had to reassess. I made changes. Feeling like myself once again made me truly understand the impact that changes in nutrition and lifestyle can make.

It is hard to know what to do in the midst of fad diets and contradictory, overcomplicated information. I get it.

Having failed at so many diets and the frustration with unclear information on nutrition led me back to the books. Six years later, I became a qualified nutritionist.

Now I want to help others stuck in this hectic lifestyle and exhaustion to feel like themselves again.

I'm looking forward to working together!


My most frequently asked question: "If you don't like diets, why do you use the Metabolic Balance Program?"

Precisely because I don't believe in the 'one diet fits all' model and quick fixes. The Metabolic Balance Program is an all-natural nutritional tailored program combined with practitioner support.

Each Metabolic Balance plan is created exclusively for each individual based on their unique blood values, in-depth medical history, and personal preferences. This is a truly personalised nutrition plan that will act as a "road map" for each person to reach the desired health goals.


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The Metabolic Balance program was developed from the knowledge that food has an enormous influence on the functioning of our body and, therefore, on our overall wellbeing and health. Many of my clients find the program when searching for weight loss, however the benefits of the program go way beyond losing the extra kilos!

I offer online consultations so we can work together regardless of your location. I also offer face to face consultations at the beautiful Holistic One Wellness Studio located @ Kings Business Park precinct, nestled between South Melbourne and South Bank. It's easily accessible via all modes of transport. We have plenty of car parking on-site and tram stops on the doorstep. You can find us at: Ground level, 99 Coventry Street, South Melbourne, Victoria, 3205 (ENTRY to Holistic One via 95 Coventry Street)

I would love to hear from you. I'll be happy to clarify any questions you may have so we can decide if the program is what you are looking for, if it is suitable for you at this point, and if we are a good fit.

I'm looking forward to supporting you!

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