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Information about the coach

I’m a qualified Nutritionist and am passionate about everything to do with food and the difference it can make to your health and well-being.  I love helping people find balance in their lives, with natural healthy solutions backed by an evidence based approach.

Being a nutritionist I was a fairly healthy eater, however it wasn’t until I did the Metabolic Balance program that I found a resolution to constantly feeling tired, lacking motivation and stabilising my weight.  It’s truly personalised and has helped me identify the food my body runs best on.  I love guiding clients through their own personalised Metabolic Balance program and helping them achieve their personal health goals.

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Information on practice

I currently work from two locations

Tuesdays - I am at Polestar Pilates Studio in Brookvale.

Other weekdays I work from my clinic in Freshwater.

Telehealth appointments are also available on all weekdays, so you can see me wherever you are in Australia. 

Bookings for all locations and telehealth can be made by the following link

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