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I am a qualified Naturopath and Integrative Nutrition Practitioner, registered with the Complementary Medicine Association (Australia) and certified with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australia). My speciality areas are gut health recovery, metabolic health (weight, inflammation, and hormones) and fatigue. 

I get an enormous kick out of guiding clients through the Metabolic Balance program as every appointment or check in is filled with positive changes that often neither of us were expecting. The results far surpass mere weight release. The real success comes from the increased energy, better sleep, lower blood pressure, better skin, easy periods, reduced body pain and the genuine rewriting that I see clients do of the future that lies before them.

As a practitioner, I love how Metabolic Balance takes all the guess work out of nutritional support - everything is personalised for each individual. Guiding clients through the programme teaches them to listen to their body's own signals around food choices and quantities and puts them squarely in control of their own metabolic health for the long term.

If you'd like to learn more about me, my approach, or my delivery of the Metabolic Balance program, please head on over to my website HERE


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Based in the Adelaide hills, I work solely online so have clients all over Australia and the world. The new digital revolution has meant that everyone has access to good health care no matter where they live.



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