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As a Naturopath I believe the natural option is always the best option. Metabolic Balance is a proven and successful nutritional program, that uses your blood work and health history to create your meal plan, the hard work is done for you. This was the main reason as to why I chose to promote and use this program within my clinic. I don’t believe in having to skip meals to lose weight, I believe in whole fresh foods that will provide us with the nutrition we need to feel full and energised and not experience daily cravings as our body will be functioning at its best. 

This program also comes with me, your Naturopath, someone who will help you through those tough times, someone who understands what it is like to go on various diets that don’t work and make us feel awful. You will also feel more accountable through our regular check-ups.

As a Naturopath I can also asses your body systems to see how they are functioning. They may be what is stopping you from losing weight and once they are working better you will be able to lose weight, keep it off and also be more included to make better food choices. 

As a Naturopathic Emotional Release practitioner I can help you shift the blocks that make changing habits difficult. Remove the sabotage and the stress that causes us to eat foods that do not agree with us. 

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